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The Challenge

It starts with location… location… and location, usually followed by the weather, did I mention the weather already? Ugh… the weather! Don’t get me started on the logistics of getting to the location, long TSA lines, rude flight attendants, pretzels & peanuts if you’re lucky to get any, potential traffic tickets because at times we have to race against light, parking tickets because you have overstayed the meters busy photographing the afterglow of a sunset,  while we’re at it let’s not forget the occasional overzealous authorities that need to see your permit or else you should pack up amidst the shoot and leave.

This is just the beginning process of the “madness” that goes into creating a unique high-resolution masterpiece and we LOVE it!

Our Approach

Is to embrace all those challenges as a part of the creation process. We love the locations we go to, we especially love the always unpredicted and whacky weather. Humor aside, our creative process is painstakingly detailed, often spending more than 8 hours on one shoot taking 1000+ photos, spending countless more hours in the digital darkroom (no harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, phenidone or dimezone to breath in like back in the day) developing the images to suit our creative & aesthetic philosophy. These images are then exported to a multitude of software programs for stitching, post-processing and ultimately rendering the final composited image for print.

That’s just a quick breakdown, there are a million other little but critical things that go into creating a rare gigapixel photograph.

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